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The Gold Standard for General Contractors and Consulting Businesses to streamline manual resource planning process.

Cut your planning time by 50% or more.

Features and Benefits

  • Resource Estimator

Define the cost and profit on project resources, set project timeline, key tasks and hours for cross functional teams on a customer project without the hassle of managing spreadsheets

Sales, Delivery and Project Managers use this feature often
  • Revenue Growth

Forecast vs. Delivered Revenue

Analyze Estimated vs Actual cost on projects to help drive your business profitability, understand gap, trends and business demand

Business owners, Finance and Business Unit managers use this feature often
  • Resource Scheduling

Manage Project Schedules

Businesses that bill employees on customer projects define billable utilization targets. Ensure the targets enable your people’s well-being and they are not over booked to improve retention and profitability

Human Resource, Project Managers and Site Supervisors use this feature often
  • Team Utilization

Control workload and Capacity

Improve team retention and well being by managing capacity on projects. See who is busy and available to take up more tasks across departments or projects.

Human Resources, Delivery and Project Managers use this feature often
  • Time Management

Timesheets and Approvals

Enable teams to bill their individual project and task time on a weekly basis managed through approvals from relevant project managers

Project Managers and Team Members use this feature often
  • Risk Management

Monitor Project Risks

Analyze and Review risks ahead of time with WorkforceBI’s risk metrics dashboard to ensure successful and profitable project delivery

Business owners, Finance and Project managers use this feature often
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Sandy Reiff

Senior Project Manager

“Managing resources and timesheets was a big challenge. We save over $38,000 with WorkforceBI”

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