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Analyze your team’s availability

With WorkforceBI’s manager dashboard you are always aware of who is available in real time by project or department. As a manager or business owner, ensuring team members are not overbooked helps retention, work-life balance and employee well-being.

WorkforceBI’s intelligent markers identify resource availability. Hours in Orange show resource availability, Green show resources booked based on your company’s utilization targets and Red denotes the resource is over-booked and is not available.

Team Demand and Forecast Report

With the demand and forecast staffing chart for resources, you’re know how far are you off target to keep your organization profitable. WorkforceBI’s one dashboard with Target utilization tells you the overall requirement across all team members across the company. Demand indicator provides a picture of how much work is in the pipeline. Actual Utilization indicates if the demand is being met, under or over-exceeded. These real time indicators help managers assess and plan getting more work ahead of time and make business decisions. Reports are also exportable as images or CSV for consumption.

Set cost and utilization per resource

As a manager and a business owner, you need to know what it costs your organization per hour when you hire new resources. In addition, how busy should the resource be for the organization to stay profitable. Expected utilization defines the percentage of work required to keep the resource working at an optimal level.

Realtime risk and revenue metrics

WorkforceBI’s one dashboard for managers gives you a complete view of your organization’s monthly forecast verses delivered revenue. In addition, you can drill down to project level revenues and gross profits, identify any upcoming risks and project budgets consumed.



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